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Batch work

Although it is hard to call doing what you love “work”, I find that creating batches of hats an efficient way to work. I started creating groups of sweaters that had colors and textures that worked well together. Then, as a style comes up for production, I grab one of these sweater groups and cut multiple pattern pieces from that...

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New Looks

The first cool front that hints of Fall lines up with our fresh new look on the Cimarrona website. We know that in no time we will be bringing out the sweaters, and replacing the chacos with brogans. Cimarrona hats can come out of hiding an take their place along side the jackets and gloves in arsenal against the cold. We...

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A few changes at Cimarrona

Before it gets insanely crazy around here I've decided it is time for a new look. The Cimarrona website is about to get a make over, and I hope you will like the clean look and easy to navigate site. It will have plenty of articles, portfolios and videos for you to check out. I am looking forward to its...

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Peach Tree Tells a Cimarrona Story

After the winter we have had here, any sign of spring is a welcome sight. Last week our new Ranger Peach started showing buds with pink barely visible. Yesterday there was one blossom, today a handful. We had to move this little tree due to the possibility that its former location will be in the path of the new studio...

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Wrap It Up!

We come to the holiday season sending warm wishes to you all. In years past we have opened the doors to the studio and invited guests to drop in and do some last minute shopping. We regret to announce that we have to cancel the Open House this year. Please find Cimarrona items at a retail location near you. Thank...

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