Cimarrona hats and accessories make use of post consumer wool, angora and cashmere- or in other words: WE RECYCLE.  No two hats are exactly alike, but all fabric that we use has been washed and dried- this process felts the wool to a greater or lesser degree. But, we do not recommend that you wash and dry your hat or accessory because it will continue to shrink. Instead, if you must: hand wash gently in something like Woolite- then press the water out between towel layers and let it air dry. You can use an iron set on the wool setting to gently steam it back into shape if you need to. The label has these instruction (but more brief).IMG_1050

one other thing: the button goes in the back! Each hat has a button stitched on in red thread. This marks the back of the hat, and corresponds to where the label is on the inside. Of course, it is your hat and in the words of my father: “you can do whatever you want”.