Show Schedule is set

The Art Show season has arrived. After spending most of my creative time in my studio I really look forward to seeing customers again. I love the familiar faces that always stop in (frequently stocking up for the upcoming gift season) and new customers that arrive in my booth with an “Oh WOW, now this is cool” phrase that just makes me glow. I have listed all of my shows under Find Us on this page. If you want an official paper invite I also send out some post cards, just email me under Contact on this page,  and request […]

Meet the Artist: Andrea at Denton Color Lab

My former stylist and friend said my hair was “rodent” color….really?  yuck. If there is anyone out there that can turn rodent to RADIENT it is Andrea Hunter at Denton Color Lab. OK, disclaimer here- she is my son Mark’s significant other and I absolutely adore her. But yeah, she can cut, style, condition and all that but if you want to go all sublime with your color- she is the one to go to. I’ve known Andrea a number of years now, and it has been a real joy to watch her develop as woman, as a technician and […]


One of my summer road trips took me to Nebraska City, Nebraska to explore my roots at the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum. My Great-Grandfather and his brother established the factory in the late 1800’s and it remained relatively unchanged through the years. I was able to go there and meet my son as he was heading west to Colorado. It had been decades since I has last been there, and in the interim it had been turned into a museum We saw so many things peculiar to our way of making and doing and to see where it all began… […]