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Meet the Artist: Andrea at Denton Color Lab

My former stylist and friend said my hair was “rodent” color….really? ¬†yuck. If there is anyone out there that can turn rodent to RADIENT it is Andrea Hunter at Denton Color Lab. OK, disclaimer here- she is my son Mark’s significant other and I absolutely adore her. But yeah, she can cut, style, condition and all that but if you want to go all sublime with your color- she is the one to go to. I’ve known Andrea a number of years now, and it has been a real joy to watch her develop as woman, as a technician and […]


One of my summer road trips took me to Nebraska City, Nebraska to explore my roots at the Kregel Windmill Factory Museum. My Great-Grandfather and his brother established the factory in the late 1800’s and it remained relatively unchanged through the years. I was able to go there and meet my son as he was heading west to Colorado. It had been decades since I has last been there, and in the interim it had been turned into a museum We saw so many things peculiar to our way of making and doing and to see where it all began… […]

Stay Warm Friends

  Old Man Winter is keeping his distance from us here in north Texas. It is in the 80’s today. I really do like some cold weather- and would not mind a bit of snow now and then. Hopefully the hats I have been shipping out there are making good on the promise to keep heads warm all over. If you are a Cimarrona hat owner, I’d like to invite you to send me a photo of yourself –¬†wearing that hat- in the place you happen to find yourself. You can send it to me by clicking the link HERE. […]