Cimarrona studio

Batch work

Although it is hard to call doing what you love “work”, I find that creating batches of hats an efficient way to work. I started creating groups of sweaters that had colors and textures that worked well together. ┬áHere is a “batch” of cakes. If you look closely you will see certain colors repeated in this batch.

A few changes at Cimarrona

Before it gets insanely crazy around here I’ve decided it is time for a new look. The Cimarrona website is about to get a make over, and I hope you will like the clean look and easy to navigate site. It will have plenty of articles, portfolios and videos for you to check out. I am looking forward to its roll out here in the next few days- so keep an eye out. My next post will be a WELCOME post!

Peach Tree Tells a Cimarrona Story

After the winter we have had here, any sign of spring is a welcome sight. Last week our new Ranger Peach started showing buds with pink barely visible. Yesterday there was one blossom, today a handful. We had to move this little tree due to the possibility that its former location will be in the path of the new studio space. (What, Cimarrona?- I thought you just moved a while back) It looks like our current space will be on the market when our lease is up and we are weighing our options. Having a studio on our property is […]